About Red Sun Food


  About one decade ago, BOBA and shaken tea parlors began to thrive in
Taiwan in intense competition with each other. Red Sun Food,
a contender that has been developing the market in Taiwan
for an extensive period and has developed its reputation
for top quality material and its professional
consultation services helping famous chain brands to
develop. Now an opportunity has presented itself and
Red Sun Food is determined to expand its business beyond the confines of the country, promote Taiwan's key signature beverage known as BOBA, and let more foreign friends know that there is a country called Taiwan and address it as Formosa.

2. Philosophy

  Since its establishment a decade ago, Red Sun Food has always adopted the business philosophy of top quality material, focus on people, and customers first.
  Top quality material is the highest priority, and insisted on by Red Sun Food.That is one of the reasons many internationally renowned chain brands specifically request Red Sun Food.
  People focus and customers first have been the goal of Red Sun Food's efforts for the past decade. Red Sun Food persistently studies the products needed by the end-consumer in the market so as to help operators quickly win the hearts of consumers. The end consumer market changes so fast that sometimes it is beyond the grasp of franchisees. Therefore, Red Sun Food intends not only to help our clients in terms of physical material and store development and equipment, but also to share our retail market experience with our clients.

3. Customization

  Red Sun Food insists on top quality material so as to help clients rapidly assimilate in the consumer market. Dedicated customization service is Red Sun Food's strongest advantage.
  From advice on logo design, logo printing on beverage packaging (cartons, cup sleeves, cub bag, and cup), to material quality adjustment, Red Sun Food can accommodate your special needs. Just bring forward your ideas, and Red Sun Food can provide you your own dedicated brand.
  The end consumer market changes rapidly and prompt offers of new products are essential. If you want to run your own store, you will need a team of business development consultants dedicated to helping you solve the inevitable challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Red Sun Food is the ideal and will be your best choice.